1. Develop BTCC library with Religious and cultural books for our community.
  2. Community members can borrow books by choosing headings to be placed on our new BTCC WEBSITE and return books in drop box placed in Foyer of BTCC. We will have book ready to be borrowed within 3-4 days of request
  3. We will also have classical Religious movies and educational DVDs to borrow.
  4. Biweekly classes at BTCC for Vivekananda’s literature review, discussion and lectures for 30min and 30min Yoga led by experienced practitioner.
  5. Bimonthly we will invite educator and teacher in Religious and Indian social/Cultural and spiritual life for Seminars and lectures. List will be out when we get all speakers lined up.
  6. Indian Religious and spiritual movies presentation at BTCC Majmundar Auditorium
  7. Youth classes on regular schedule
  8. Youth camps in Summer.
  9. Senior citizens trips to religious and other interesting places with goals of achieving good health.
  10. Add interesting Newspapers related to Indian life.
  11. Add connectivity with on line Hinduism religious literature on our new Website.
  12. Once a year have competition in Indian Religious and Spiritual topics for presentation by different age groups.
  13. Add other educational classes in Arts, crafts, music and cooking..

How to check out books and DVDs :

Look at choices of Books on BTCC website, choose and fill in request form. [The Complete List of Available Books in the Library is kept in the temple also]– Books will be ready to be checked out in next 3 days at BTCC temple times with Priest. Sign card on back inside cover and leave card with Priest.- Books can be checked out for 3 weeks and returned in Drop box in foyer at BTCC.- Any lost book or unreturned book for more than 1 week after return date will need to be donated by member who got the book, since BTCC is a community organization run by you and for you

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