BTCC Major Committees


  • Plan all religious events
  • Coordinate all Religious events and related activities.
  • Administer Priest Services

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Member Mrs. Lakshmi Naidu
Member Mrs. Suseela Matam
Member Mrs. Sree Ramakrishnan
Member Dr. Natubhai Patel
Member Mr. Himanshu Patel


2. BTCC CULTURAL Committee:

Objective: Organize, plan, coordinate & promote BTCC sponsored cultural and arts events.

  • Dances of India
  • New Year Celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Plays
  • Musical programs

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Member Mrs. Veena Bansal
Member Mrs. Pinky Ghosh
Member Mrs. Vijya Parmar
Member Mr. Shailesh Parmar



Objective: Plan & coordinate all Facility Maintenance, Improvement & Security activities.

  • Exterior & Interior of Building
  • Grounds
  • Services to & within the building
  • General cleanliness & appearance
  • Building Equipment
  • Security System
  • Capital Projects
  • Provide Logistics support for events (parking, set-up, facility & equipment use, clean-up, Tear down etc.)

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Member Mr. Vinu Patel
Member Mr. Thakor Maggan
Member Mr. Ranchhod Patel

BTCC RENTAL  Committee:

Coordinate scheduling, contracting, providing access to facility and ensuring that the facility is left up to the standards of BTCC for all events. Maintain rental procedure, charges and records. Ensure contracts are signed, rent & deposits are collected and that the facility is left in good shape.

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Member Mr. Arun Patel
Member Mr. Thakor Maggan
Member Mr. Ranchhod Patel



Objective: Plan & coordinate all Fund Raising and Membership activities. These may be a part of Cultural and religious events planned for fund raising. Promote BTCC to the community and encourage membership.

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Member Dr. Rajan Joshi
Member Dr. Ramesh Ghanta
Member Dr. Mahendra Pampati
Member Mr. Raju Alluri


5. BY-LAWS Committee:

Objective: Plan & Coordinate Changes recommended by the BTCC members and the Executive Committee to the By-Laws, take them through the approval process and create final documentation.

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Member Dr. Indrapal Singh
Member Dr. Srinivas Rapuri
Member Mr. Mahendran Naidu



Objective: Plan & Coordinate all communications activities to ensure that the community stays well informed of the upcoming events and status of various BTCC activities and that the community has access to this information electronically.

  • News Letters (Quarterly)
  • Web Site Maintenance
  • BTCC Community Directory Maintenance
  • Promotion of Special Cultural & Religious Events

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Member Mr. Suresh Maunkonda
Member Mrs. Saraswathi Singh
Member Mr. Mihir Joshi
Member Mr. Tamilselvan Thambirajan
Member Mr.Muthu Srinivasan


7. BUDGET & FINANCE Committee:

Objective: Coordinate all financial matters in accordance with BTCC and Government requirements. Coordinate funds collections from various sources of BTCC activities that generate funds. Control expenses to ensure that BTCC has needed funds for the near future as well as long term to meet its obligations. Prepare monthly financial statements and report to the Executive Committee. File annual tax returns in timely manner.

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Member Mr. Thakor Maggan
Member Mr. Mahendran Naidu
Member Mr. Arun Patel
Member Mr. Muthu Srinivasan


Other Activities:

  • Youth Activities
  • Senior Citizen Activities
  • Yoga Classes
  • Classical Dance Classes
  • Health Fairs
  • Library management

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