Priest Services

Procedure to use Priest services for Religious activities:

1. Devotee shall call the priest (Sri. Vijaya Narasimha Bhattar) directly and discuss the date of the service. (Note: select couple of possible dates for the service to avoid conflict with other reservations that have already been scheduled).
BTCC Temple Phone: 859-294-4277
Priest Home Phone: 859-543-2396

2. After selecting the possible dates for service with the priest, please call NatuPatel to reserve the dates in the calendar.
Saraswathi Singh Phone – 859-224-9324
Saraswathi Singh’ e-mail –
Usha Rayadurg Phone – 859-52-2909
Usha Rayadurg e-mail –
Natubhai Patel phone – 859-223-4597
Natubhai Patel's e-mail –

3. Click here to complete the Request form and give the check to the priest. You can download the form from the temple website or obtain from the priest. Please make checks payable to BTCC. Checks must be received prior to priest services.

Note: For scheduled pujas at the temple per religious calendar, arrive at the temple and inform the priest that you would like to sponsor for the puja. Please deposit your checks for the puja being sponsored in the Wooden Hundi. Please make checks payable to BTCC. Devotees are encouraged to use the receipt book which is located near the Hundi for Tax-deductible purpose.


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