BTCC Charges for Religious and Priest services

Service At Temple At Home
Archana $11
Sri Satyanarayana Puja (Private) $101 $151
Special or Private Pooja $101 $151
Sreemant $101 $175
Wedding $201 $301
Jaatha Karma/Upanayan $151 $251
Naamakaran $101 $175
Chowlam/Kesha mundan $51 $151
Annaprasanam $51 $151
Ayush Havan $101 $151
Navagraha Havan $101 $151
Bhumi Puja(Ground Breaking) $151
Gruhapravesh $175
Vahana Pooja  $25
Shasthyabdhi ( 60th Birthday) $201 $301
Annadanam $100
Shraddh Vidhi-Tarpan $101 $151
Vaikunth Samaradhanam* $51 $101

1. All pujas involving sacrificial fire (Havan / Homam) may only performed in the auditorium. Please contact the priest for advice regarding suitable materials utilized for this purpose.

2. These amounts are BTCC charges and do not include dakshina to the priest and the cost of materials required specific for the puja. The dakshina is at the mutual discretion of the priest and the devotees.

3. Transport to the priest may be provided by the families for at-home services or pay rental vehicle charges in discussion with the priest. The temple is not responsible nor is liable for the charges incurred related to the transport.



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